Dr. Ciorba

Our program has a long history of providing exceptional IBD patient care and leading high-impact fundamental IBD research. We are building upon this exceptional foundation to expand the impact and reach of our program’s tripartite mission:

  1. Provide clinical care that is compassionate, comprehensive, and at the leading-edge of IBD medicine,
  2. Develop the next generation of IBD clinicians and scientists, and
  3. Relentlessly pursue a cure for IBD through leadership in innovative and transformative research.

To achieve these clinical goals, we have recruited new IBD faculty and aligned our services with IBD expert colorectal surgeons, radiologists, and pathologists. Our shared vision is to improve quality-of-life for IBD patients regionally and globally through an interdisciplinary approach that integrates world-class patient care with research and education. In research, we are bringing together investigators from across the University into new collaborations with a commitment to advancing IBD discovery and treatment. In this last year, support from Givin’ it all for Guts has facilitated our diverse intellectual research base of MD-scientists and Ph.D. scientists in conducting cutting-edge research in several areas. Key among these include defining the molecular and genetic underpinnings of IBD, determining how gut microbiota may be used to treat IBD, and developing new treatment strategies for colon cancer that can complicate IBD. Our clinical scientists are actively pursuing new blood-based biomarkers to measure IBD disease activity and response to therapy, defining new paradigms for the use of radiation-free MRI imaging in IBD, defining the link between IBD and obesity, and developing new clinical algorithms to IBD patient quality-of-life.

We are also greatly appreciative of the support that Livin’ It All With Guts – Crohn’s Care Team has provided to many of our patients during the times of struggle with their disease. These gifts are truly meaningful and make a huge difference in their recovery.

We are also committed to both provider and patient education in IBD. We established a new advanced IBD fellowship to train gastroenterologist for careers as IBD focused faculty in an academic medical center. We have already received numerous applications from around the country seeking this position. The excitement and momentum for making a global impact in IBD are stronger than ever at Washington University. The philanthropy that Givin’ it all for Guts provides drives medical breakthroughs to help advance treatment, education, and research towards a cure. Your personal and group philanthropy continues to benefit our community and society.

Thank you again, for placing your trust in Washington University School of Medicine and specifically in me and our talented and committed team of IBD gastroenterologists, surgeons and scientists.

Matthew A Ciorba MD
Associate Professor of Medicine
Director, Inflammatory Bowel Diseases Program
Division of Gastroenterology
Washington University in Saint Louis School of Medicine

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